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Author works with Ursa Minor to free the aesthetic, spiritual and emotional tone of her work.

As the author of Calling In “The One”: 7 Weeks To Attract the Love of Your Life, Katherine Woodward Thomas knew exactly which multimedia studio was “The One” to revamp her Web presence. In choosing Ursa Minor, all she did was apply the same principles outlined in her bestselling book and courses for finding a soul mate.

pepper The folks at Calling In “The One” had an urgent need: With Thomas’s impending nationally-televised appearance on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, they needed a new Web site up and running within 48 hours to accommodate the anticipated boost in traffic. So the Ursa Minor design team got to work immediately and managed to code the entire site in just 12 hours.

“The site was definitely dated”, Ursa Minor Senior Designer James Curtis said. “It had remnants of Web design from 1995. We wanted to really modernize their look so we chose advanced Web design applications like dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and streaming video.”

Through her book, course and personal coaching, Thomas teaches people how to apply the “Law of Attraction” in matters of the heart. Instead of a perpetual search for Ms. or Mr. Right, people are encouraged to look within to strengthen their ability to draw the perfect partner to themselves.

“We were about to go through a period of massive growth...and we’re delighted that the site is ready to accommodate the high volume of traffic.”

According to Calling In “The One” co-director Claire Zammit: “This is a spiritual approach to finding love that helps people see that most of the reasons they haven’t found the love they’re looking for are internal to them. A lot of people think, ‘Well, I haven’t met the right person,’ when in fact, they need to be the right person. We help people discover and release internal obstacles to love so they can make the room for external love to come into their lives.”

Katherine and Claire knew the Ursa Minor team shared their sensibility for conveying the aesthetic, spiritual and emotional tone of their work. As Claire explains it, “We were about to go through a period of massive growth and had a site that looked nice, but wasn’t particularly good at capturing customer information. It was simple and pretty, but didn’t have a lot of functionality. We wanted to take it to the next level. Ursa Minor created a robust site with audio and video on the home page that immediately engaged visitors. They weaved everything together seamlessly and we’re delighted that the site is ready to accommodate the high volume of traffic our PR efforts are expected to generate.”

The addition of a storefront to sell Calling In “The One” promises to be a big revenue driver. Before, customers had to buy the book from their local bookstore or online retailer, so the company was missing opportunities to interact with people and sell related services like courses and personal coaching. They are already seeing a spike in sales as well as the typical administrative efficiencies associated with e-commerce.

Calling In “The One” meshed nicely with Ursa Minor’s corporate culture. Chief Creative Officer Robin Livingston says, “Katherine Woodward Thomas has a breakthrough method of bringing people to a place where they can experience love and commitment, and we felt that was a very valuable skill and outlook on life in general. We do a lot of social conscience projects, from green companies to social justice organizations, but this was something on a very personal level that we’re excited to be a part of.”